Company Profile

Welcome to Polytrade Recycling

Polytrade Recycling is a leading recycling company across Australasia. It operates 15 MRF’s (Material Recovery Facilities) and employs over 100 staff.

Polytrade Recycling was established in 1995 with the purpose of exporting various types of recyclable plastic grades to the growing South East Asian market. Since then, Polytrade Recycling has expanded its operations from a recyclable plastic processor to a key player in both the domestic kerbside & commercial recycling sectors across the Australian, New Zealand & South Pacific market place.

Our business receives, sorts & processes more than 400,000 tonnes of recyclables per annum across its 15 MRF’S (Material Recovery Facilities). The approximate recyclable product break up is, 42% Paper and Cardboard / 38% Glass / 6% Plastics / 3% Steel / 1% Aluminium & 10% General Waste.

Recyclables that would have otherwise been destined for landfill are sorted & reprocessed ready for manufacture into a variety of value added products. Polytrade Recycling's Plastic division reprocesses PET & HDPE bottles and then turns them into high quality resins suitable for manufacturing into various products such as PET Soft Drink Packaging / HDPE Milk Bottles, Plastic Recycling Wheelie Bins & Irrigation Pipes. Polytrade Recycling’s Paper division sorts paper and cardboard for local manufacture and exported for new cardboard packaging, newsprint production & other forms of packaging. Sorted glass is turned into new glass bottles and jars, insulation and glass abrasives.

Critical to our growth & success is our team of key people. Polytrade Recycling has an experienced set of recycling specialists able to deliver the services councils & commercial businesses require and the community expects. We have a commitment to service & quality, with high standards of safety and business ethics, along with a leading edge approach to delivering a sustainable future.