Polytrade Recycling commenced operations initially collecting many grades of plastic in small quantities for export to Asia. The volume of plastic collected and processed has now grown to more than 10,000 tonnes per annum of post consumer and more than 4,000 tonnes per annum of industry scrap.

Polytrade Recycling has developed a business that provides value and solutions to many collectors, processors and manufacturers throughout Australia. Facilities have been established in New South Wales and Queensland. The business has also expanded where it now has regular trading dealings with suppliers and producers in New Zealand and the USA.

Polytrade Recycling is now handling large volumes of waste plastic per month and providing an alternative outlet for many smaller processors and collectors who are unable to meet the demands of local recyclers, and ensuring that the plastic is not sent to landfill.

Polytrade Recycling has also developed sorting, baling and processing activities into many of it’s sites, which in turn assist in converting waste products into a raw material of value to manufacturers of packaging, pipes, containers and sheet products.

Polytrade Recycling is committed to achieving the goal of being a "PROVIDER OF COMPLETE RECYCLING SOLUTIONS" by ensuring that every effort is made to find a market and user for plastic waste rather than it being disposed of as landfill.