Recycling Testings
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1. Recycling includes the composing of biodegradable waste such as food or garden waste?
2. Most of the energy used today originally came from which source:
The Sun
The Oceans
3. Which of these bits of rubbish cannot be turned into compost?
Apple Core
Grass Cuttings
Plastic Bag
Potato Peelings
4. What product can pollute 250,000 times more than it weighs?
5. How clean the recycling items need to be before put in the bin?
All solids removed and lightly rinsed
Still have food scraps and grease
Has to be spotless
I don't know
6. If we send the aluminium can to Landfill, how many years for it to decompose?
40 - 60 years
60 - 80 years
80 - 100 years
100 - 200 years
7. What benefits of recycling?
Reduce water and air pollution
Conserves resources
Conserves landfill space
All of the above
8. When recycling piles of papers, do we need to remove the staples?
9. Which of these is not an example of reusing/recycling?
Giving clothes for someone who can wear
Throwing plastic bottles in the bin
Writing on the back of scrap paper
Refilling the empty plastic bottles with drinks
10. Before we put the plastics/glass bottles into the recycle bin, remember to:
Remove the cap from bottle
Shred the bottle
Flatten the bottle
Do nothing
11. How can you save our earth?
Re-use plastics bottles and bags
Recycle plastics bottles and cans
Plant a tree
All of the aboce
12. How many trees can we save if we recycle a tonne of paper?
10 trees
13 trees
17 trees
22 trees
13. Aluminium can be recycled in how many times without degrading?
1 time
10 times
100 times
14. What is the best packaging for food?
Recycled cardboard
Reusable packaging
Recyclable packaging
I don't know
15. Which product can be recycled?
Plastics bag
Steel Cans
BBQ gas bottles
16. Recycling causes less greenhouse gas emissions compared to virgin production
17. Which of the following can't be recycled in mixed paper:
White office paper
Post-it notes
Wax coated cardboard
None of the above
18. Pollution on the land does not cause pollution in the oceans
19. Which way can reduce the amount of paper use?
Print paper on both sides
Don't print out documents unless it is important
Check mistakes before printing out the document
All of the above
20. Recycle one aluminium can saves energy to run a TV for:
1 hour
3 hour
5 hour
7 hour