Environmental Policy

POL-02 Environmental Policy

  1. Aim & Commitment:
    1. POLYTRADE RECYCLING aims to ensure the operational and administrative aspects of its business do not cause undue harm to the environment. This will be achieved by taking all reasonable and practicable measures to prevent or minimise harm to the environment. We will strive to achieve a high standard of environmental care and responsibility. We commit to preventing pollution, to operating the Business Management System in compliance with AS/NZS/ISO 14001 and all other statutory and regulatory requirements. We are also committed to enhance environmental performance through continually improving the Integrated Management System.
  1. Application:
    1. This policy applies to employees, agents, contractors (including temporary contractors) and ‘workers’ as otherwise defined under relevant WHS legislation of POLYTRADE RECYCLING collectively referred to in this Policy as workplace participants.
  1. Objectives:

3.1 POLYTRADE RECYCLING is committed to:

  • providing the necessary training to minimise adverse environmental impacts and issues;
  • ensuring that POLYTRADE RECYCLING and all workplace participants comply with applicable environmental legislation and regulations;
  • considering environmental matters in all business planning and risk management;
  • implementing procedures and checklists to verify and review POLYTRADE RECYCLING environmental performance; and
  • reducing, re-using and recycling waste products wherever practicable.
  1. Duties:

4.1 POLYTRADE RECYCLING has a direct responsibility to ensure that environmental harm is not generated by any of its operations. POLYTRADE RECYCLING:

  • must not to carry out an activity that may cause harm without taking measures to prevent or minimise the harm;
  • must report incidents to the appropriate regulatory authority that result in or threaten serious or material environmental harm; and
  • must take action to prevent or minimise harm to the environment if an incident occurs.
  1. If a workplace participant suspects their actions in the workplace are causing or may cause environmental harm or the workplace participant has identified an area of improvement, the matter should be reported to the CEO.
  1. Non-compliance:
    5.1 If a workplace participant fails to comply with the requirements set out in this policy, it will be regarded as a serious breach of conduct and may result in the termination of employment/services/contract. When a breach occurs, an investigation will be conducted to determine the appropriate action to be taken.

Tony Lyons

Chief Executive Officer

October 2021