Environmental Policy


Polytrade is committed to the principle of sustainable development, and are working to ensure that, through our activities, we enhance the environment in the communities in which we operate.

To do this, Polytrade will:

  • Comply with environmental legislation, regulations, standards and codes of practice relevant to our business as the absolute minimum requirement in each of the communities in which we operate;
  • Conduct our operations to minimise, and wherever practicable, eliminate negative environmental impacts;
  • Continuously improve our environmental performance including regularly reviewing and setting of environmental objectives and quantified targets;
  • Develop innovative processes that recover waste from the environment;
  • Work with suppliers, customers, government and the community to reduce waste production and enhance its quality;
  • Within Polytrade’s operations, we will:
  • Require every employee to comply with all relevant environmental laws, regulations and standards as well as our commitment to the community;
  • Identify and manage the environmental risks within our operations, use natural resources responsibly and minimise our environmental impact;

To support this commitment, Polytrade will progressively implement and maintain environmental management systems for its businesses based on the international standard ISO 14001. Through communication and training, all employees and contractors will be encouraged and assist to enhance Polytrade’s environmental awareness and performance.