Equal Opportunity & Employment Policy

POL-01 Equal Employment Opportunity Policy

  1. Purpose:

Polytrade Recycling is committed to providing employees with equal employment opportunity and a supportive and healthy work environment free from workplace discrimination, harassment and bullying, consistent with obligations under Equal Opportunity Act 2010.

  1. Commencement:
    1. This Policy will commence from June 2020. It replaces all other equal employment opportunity (EEO) policies of Polytrade Recycling (whether written or not).
  1. Application:

3.1 This policy applies to all employees, agents, contractors (including temporary contractors and ‘workers’ as otherwise defined under relevant WHS/OHS legislation) of Polytrade Recycling, collectively referred to in this policy as ‘workers’.

3.2 This policy does not form part of any employee's contract of employment. Nor does it form any part of any other worker's contract for service.

3.3 Polytrade Recycling is committed to ensuring all staff (workers) share a responsibility for acting against any form of behaviour that:

  • Offends, humiliates, embarrasses, victimises or intimidates an individual;
  • Targets an individual because of his/her gender, age, race, sexual orientation, employment activity, industrial activity, lawful sexual activity, disability, marital status, pregnancy, breast feeding, parental status, physical features, political conviction, religious belief or activity, expunged homosexual conviction, and/or carer status.
  • An individual does not reasonably desire.

3.4 Polytrade Recycling will educate employees on workplace discrimination, harassment, bullying and equal employment opportunity to ensure work health and safety standards are consistently met, including ensuring the health and wellbeing of employees.

3.5 Polytrade Recycling will seriously consider the complaints against discrimination or harassment and be investigated in a confidential and procedurally fair manner. If proven, the person responsible will be disciplined accordingly.

3.6 Polytrade Recycling will monitor, review and update their learning and development programs to reflect the current global consensus on acceptable workplace behaviour.

3.7 Polytrade Recycling will reasonably commit all appropriate resources to assist in the implementation of this Policy.

Tony Lyons

Chief Executive Officer

October 2021