Quality Policy

POL-04 Quality Policy

The following policy is intended to enunciate the principles, core features and requirements for quality assurance and improvement at the POLYTRADE RECYCLING.

Application of policy

This policy applies to all employees and contractors of POLYTRADE RECYCLING. Polytrade shall ensure that this policy will made available to all interested parties.

  1. Commitment:
    1. We will deliver through a range of innovative, cost-effective and technologically advanced recycling & processing systems to a range of households and commercial businesses that span across Australia. We commit to operate the Business Management System in compliance with AS/NZS/ISO 9001 and all applicable regulatory and other requirements. We are also committed to quality through continually improving the Integrated Management System.

1.2 Polytrade’s quality objectives are outlined in the Polytrade Recycle Strategic Plan.

  1. Vision:
    1. Building innovative solutions in resource recovery to deliver sustainable outcomes for our community.
  1. Business Objectives:

3.1 Polytrade Recycling’s Business Objectives are:

  • Safety First
  • Protecting the Environment
  • Delivering Quality
  • Driving Productivity

  1. Polytrade Recycling’s Values:

4.1 Safety, the environment and quality is the cornerstone of everything we do:

  • Integrity and Accountability we are our word and stand by everything we do
  • Empathy and respect for all
  • Customer Solutions and Results focused
  • Creative Designs, products and leading solutions
  • Reliability to our customers
  1. Innovation:

Our innovative products and services ensure we maintain a consistently strong position in the market. POLYTRADE RECYCLING intends to continue leading the industry by delivering a steady and successful service pipeline that enables our internal and external customer base to grow, prosper and thrive.

  1. Efficiency:

We strive to increase efficiency and drive continuous improvements. We run efficient operations and hire passionate people and deliver strong profit and cash flow.

Tony Lyons

Chief Executive Officer

November 2021